Alcove Units

I create full height alcove units or base units with floating shelves in accordance with your requirements.

Plain white alcove with fireplace to the right hand side. This is a before picture prior to the addition of a new alcove unit. Newly built and painted alcove shelving unit. Shelves are lined with books.
A living room with 2 empty alcoves. Walls are dark blue and tv is wall mounted on the chimney breast. A side on look at the completed alcove base units. Painted to match wall colour of dark blue. There are three floating shelves in the two alcoves. the shelves are solid timber and mid Oak in colour.

A traditional or a modern look, alcove units are very adaptable.

Alcove base units with floating shelves or full height built-in design?

Utilising fitted storage is an excellent way to maximise space beside your fireplace or in alcoves. You can choose between full-height units with built-in shelves or floating shelves. It’s essential to consider your walls’ condition before deciding on the best option. Skimming the wall can hide any flaws, while exposing brickwork provides a rustic feel. Bases usually consist of a unit with doors that extend beyond the chimney breast line. Recessed shelves are in-line or set back from the protruding wall.

Need some more inspiration of alcove units?

In brief there are several useful resources for finding wall and cabinet ideas. Online platforms like Pinterest and Houzz offer traditional and modern designs. Interior design magazines and blogs, such as ‘Elle Decor’ and ‘Apartment Therapy,’ showcase various ideas. Consider also furniture stores that have three dimensional display units to provide inspiration. Additionally employing a professional interior designer for personalised solutions is also recommended. Once you decide on a design, I can build you your perfect piece of furniture.

Just for your living room…?

For the purpose of this website I have discussed fitted storage in your living room. Additionally they have versatile uses in bedrooms, home offices, and kitchens. Namely they can store clothing, office supplies, and appliances.

Above all I regard myself as a skilled carpenter. I am a competent painter but I offer this as an additional service. Many clients are happy to paint the furniture I build or have a trusted painter and decorator. As a result I quote based on a pre-painted finish.

One famous alcove unit is to be found in the study of the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, which is based on the one described in the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

See more images from my social media including other examples of alcove units I have built.

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