Hi, thank you for considering contacting The Ealing Carpenter for an estimation for your forth-coming project. Further, I will happily give you a realistic update as to my availability too. My preference would be via WhatsApp but you can email or message me. However, before contacting me may I ask you to double check my FAQ’s list below? Firstly, It’s my hope that this website, and the builds I have shared, might help you plan your venture. Secondly, the FAQ’s will save you time as you’ll be able to establish what carpentry work I will and won’t undertake. Lastly, as I specialise in smaller high end builds, I have featured the names and links to companies/individuals who may be able to help.

If you’re not a user of social media I have integrated a feed from my Instagram page to allow you to see the photos on this website. Click here to view.

In conclusion, I try to be as efficient and as productive as I can. As I work for myself I have to ensure I divide my time fairly on the projects I am undertaking whilst responding to new enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do you hang fire doors?”

    • It’s not a service I offer. Most importantly fire doors should be hung by a specialist that will provide a warranty. For example, Ebrit Fire Protection are based locally and provided a quote for such work in the apartments where I live.
  • “Can you supply and install front doors?”

    • Sadly, no. Therefore why not try Todd Doors (whom I have used for internal doors)? In addition, for the correct security features, R&R Security Locksmiths would be a good place to start.
  • “Are you able to repair stairs or windows?”

    • That tends to be quite specialist. As a result you would need to search for specific companies for such work.
  • “Our intention is to have a loft conversion, is this a service you offer?”

    • To clarify, I work on my own and do not have the employees nor the equipment to undertake such projects. However, in the Northfields area RW1 are well thought of.
  • “We have some furniture that we’d like restored. Is this something you can help with?

    • In most cases you will need a French polisher, which is not something I am able to do. Therefore I would suggest an internet search as it’s not a discipline of carpentry that I have studied.
  • “If we were to buy some flat-pack furniture will you assemble it for us?”

    • For straightforward assembly then I would suggest you email John Plinius. That is to say though if your furniture requires ‘adapting to fit’ or even a repair then feel free to contact the Ealing Carpenter!
  • “Aside from carpentry, do you offer a painting and decorating service too?”

    • As I work as a carpenter, I leave painting to the decorators. However, for a locally based tradesperson you could email Kevin Carlin who has painted some of my builds.
  • “Is there somewhere locally we try for painting supplies?”

    • For excellent advice and products then G Travers in South Ealing is the place to go.

Contacting The Ealing Carpenter

On social media search for #EalingCarpenter