Decking and Garden Structures

Decking (as opposed to a patio) is a cost effective way of creating a space in your garden or on a roof terrace where you can entertain family or friends. When you add structure to your garden in the form of pergolas and raised ponds, you further enhance the space.

Raised Pond

Decking, Cladding, Raised Sleepers and a lot of sweat!

"Inviting nature back into your garden should be encouraged always. Making a garden environmentally friendly need not cost the earth nor should sharing your space with flora and fauna. There are many advantages to having decking over a concrete patio but the main one is the run off from rain water. Concrete forces rain water into the storm drains, causing flooding and deprives the garden too. Adding a water haven for native species to feed and drink from is essential. Bugs are attracted to water and the birds, bats and other secondary consumers are invited back to feed off these visitors. I made this pond several years ago and it started life as an old raised flower bed inside railway sleepers. I dug this out by hand and added cladding over the sleepers and spare decking to the top. For safety I added the wire surround to help prevent anyone from falling in. The pond liner is protected underneath by carpet remnants and should last for 25 years. It's also essential to install a pond filtration system and natural pond plants to help ensure the water is healthy. On the first day after I completed the pond and had added the water I already had pond skaters and a diving beetle visit."

Hedgehog and Bug Hotel

Lots of odds and ends.

"Garden structures don't have to be big but they can serve a purpose. I hate waste and always try to use as much as I possibly can. I also hoard in the hope that one day it might be needed. Both the hedgehog hotel and bug hotel cost next to nothing to make but to any fauna visiting that would not matter. If you have a corner of your garden that you want to do something incredible with, then let it be wild. Nature will use it and make the most of this overgrown area. If you want to help it along, then add a bug hotel and/or a hedgehog hotel and watch what happens."


Raised or profile decking.

"Decking is hugely adaptable and can be used for a variety of purposes I have built an outdoor stage/performance area as well as installed small and large areas of decking for domestic needs. It will need some maintenance in the form of oiling and protecting there are composite boards available that negate this almost entirely. A budget will determine as to whether the area can be fitted out with a soft wood, hard wood or composite board as the cost varies considerably. A well planned and properly laid decking looks more natural than concrete and will last for years. "