Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Stylish, elegant and built for your needs.

Make the most of your bedroom with bespoke fitted wardrobes.

"A bespoke fitted wardrobe in a bedroom or loft conversion ensures you maximise space and height by making the most of your floor's footprint."

NickThe Ealing Carpenter

Full height versus three quarter height unit

The purpose for your wardrobe is to provide the most hanging space possible for your clothes. Second to that you may have space to store shoes. If you’re lucky, you may then have additional room to store memory boxes and sporting equipment. Ultimately it is for storing but that does not mean you need to compromise on style. Functionality and elegance can be harmonised. Full height wardrobes provide you with additional space near the ceiling for items you need less urgency for. A hanging bar would normally be around 1800mm from the floor so that it can be reached by adults and older children. Unless you have very high ceilings, you will have 600mm of usable space above. The higher your ceiling, the more space could be created. Aside from dresses or overcoats that need a longer hanging drop, you may be able to ‘double up’ with a second lower bar, thus doubling your wardrobe capacity. If this is not a concern then you may decide to have shoe storage or even drawers towards the base. With a 3/4 unit you will have visible space on top of your wardrobe. It almost certainly will allow storage boxes but these will be on show whether the doors are open or not. It won’t be so imposing, especially when you have high ceilings but, in my opinion, a full height wardrobe gives you a cleaner and tidier finish. With all planned renovations take a moment to consider what you plan to store.

What finish?

As with all my builds I will talk through your preferences. Cabinets can be painted, have a veneer or even a high gloss finish. Do you want the wardrobe to blend into your wall? Then painting to the same (or similar) shade would be preferable to achieve this effect. If you want your units to stand out, then a veneer or high gloss melamine will make the furniture ‘zing’.

Alcove Units on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great online catalogue of ideas. Spend a little time exploring other wardrobes, you will find examples of what you like and what will work for your individual needs. Ultimately, it also helps with the design of your unit. You will find a style that suits your taste and space. Remember, all units are adaptable.

  • They can be finished in a neutral colour.
  • Painted to blend with your feature wall.
  • Finished in natural wood to match other furniture in your room.
  • Or even a combination of painted and natural wood.

To slide or not to slide?

That wasn’t the question but for the purposes of this, it works. Sliding doors have a very practical use, they save on floor space. You can have a large wardrobe in a small bedroom and not be concerned that you cannot open the doors for access. The footprint of the wardrobe, whether the doors are open or closed, remains the same. Doors can also double up as mirrors and if you have the self closing mechanism, the wardrobe will always appear tidy. The downside of sliding doors is that they have been known to break or derail. I use a company that specialise in the sliding gear and it is excellent. Smooth, reliable and adjustable should the need arise.

If you’ve the space around your wardrobe, then having doors to open is less of a concern and you are then avoiding the break of clean lines as the doors will all be in alignment. You also will have a slightly larger window to access your wardrobe. With sliding doors you will only ever have just under half the width of the space. Not so convenient if storing large boxes or need to close one side to access the other. Minor irritations but worth considering.

Whatever your plans, the Ealing Carpenter is happy to discuss your requirements and quote a sensible price to design and build a fitted wardrobe for your bedroom.

“A well thought through and well made wardrobe not only offers excellent storage but it enhances the room and gives you more space to live.”

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Finished in high gloss melamine.

"When floor space is tight go for sliding doors. That is exactly what I did with this build. This is a child's bedroom with very little additional space. I designed and made the wardrobe 'organic' in that the shelves near the bottom of the wardrobe were able to be adjusted. As the child grew and her clothes lengthened, then the shelves could drop or be removed. As this is a floor to ceiling wardrobe, there is plenty of additional storage at the top."

Wardrobes in a Loft Conversion

MDF shaker style doors fitted under a gable.

"A perfect example of making the most from the space. In a lot conversion you may loose a little of practical floor space owing to the gable. This is an ideal space to have wardrobes. With this build I finished to prepared wood ready for painting. The clients still had a carpet to lay so I was part of a bigger jigsaw."

Eaves Wardrobes

MDF doors and surface.

"With a loft conversion making the most of eaves space is essential. With this build I brought forward the original wall that the conversion installed and created a second wall of doors. Inside the door is a rail (approx 4 meters) that garments could be hung on and accessed easily. Whether the client fills the rail or not, the doors open wide enough to offer access for other items you may have stored away in a loft. All round, a great use of space."

If your under stair area is not being utilised effectively, why not make the most from this space cupboard…?

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