Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Stylish, elegant wardrobes designed, built and fitted professionally.

Fitted wardrobes optimises space and height in a room,

adds elegance with a customised design, and creates a luxurious look.

Full Height versus 3/4 Height

Full height wardrobes provide extra hidden storage near the ceiling and the option to add a second lower bar or additional shelves or drawers. Three-quarter height wardrobes leaves visible space on top but may require neater organisation inside. Choose your preference based on your storage needs and consider whether long items or shoe storage is a priority. In addition, consider the tidiness and style of the finished look.

More inspiration or spoilt for choice?

Wardrobe cabinets can have various finishes such as painted or melamine. Painting to the same shade as the wall blends the unit in while melamine or high gloss make it stand out. Pinterest has many ideas to explore for inspiration to suit your individual style. Wardrobe finishes can include neutral colors, painted to blend, natural wood to match other furniture, or a combination. There is really no limit to their adaptability.

Sliding or Hinged Doors?

Sliding wardrobe doors can save space and provide a modern, sleek look. They can also be easier to open and close than hinged doors. However, they may not provide as much access to the contents of the wardrobe as hinged doors, and they can be more difficult to repair or replace if damaged. Hinged doors can offer more access to the wardrobe and may be easier to repair or replace, but they can take up more space and may not offer as contemporary a look as sliding doors. Similarly both styles can have soft close mechanisms.

A well-made wardrobe provides good storage, enhances the room, and creates more livable space.

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