Garden Gates and Fencing

Adding security to your garden perimeter ensures that your gardening tools, bikes, garden furniture and even access to your home is more difficult for those up to no good. A strong gate and fencing will help to give you a little more protection.

Lockable Gate Kit

Composite wood in an aluminium frame.

"In March I was contacted by a client asking if I would consider fitting the gate kit he'd purchased. He explained that the metal will need trimming but was told by the supplier that this was a simple job. I was more than happy to have a look and see what could be done. The gates' posts both need to be anchored securely and the only option I had was to attach fixings into the existing wall as opposed to the ground. Although the gate was easy to put together (despite the dreadful instructions...) there was a need to reduce the width. Armed with my angle grinder and very careful measurements, I completed this job and was more than satisfied with the result. The gate has it's own locking system and is extremely heavy. Not only does the height give the client a degree of privacy but does also makes an opportunist thief's life much more difficult."

Store Room Doors

Reclaimed cedar wood and treated soft wood.

"When I build the zoo in Hertfordshire I had to make changes to some of the buildings access owing to the door width not complying with regulations. In this build I had widen an 800mm doorway to 1300mm to allow wheelchair accessibility. I was lucky enough to have been gifted a pallet of cedar wood that had been removed from the outside of a house. I constructed a frame and lay the cedar wood at angles to create an atheistically pleasing pattern. The doors were insulated and strengthened on the inside and hung on fully opening parliament hinges."

More Images Shortly...

Come back soon for more inspiration.

"I look forward to constructing bespoke gates and fences for you soon. I'll provide more information and pictures as and when."