Planters and Raised Beds

Make the most of your garden with different levels. Planters provide additional height and sense of compartmentalising into smaller areas. They also have the added advantage of being moveable thus allowing you to reshape your garden.

Raised beds are very popular as well as being practical for those with difficulties bending down.

Wooden Planter

Lined with mesh base.

"Planters can be any shape or size but bear in mind that the bigger they are, the harder it would be to move them (especially when full of soil, plant/shrubs and water). With this build the client wanted a series of 5 that started low reaching an higher apex in the centre. Once we had agreed a minimum and maximum height and established what the client might think to grow, I set about constructing them. As the planters were to be set on a patio and the slabs had a fall on it to disperse rain water, I had to ensure the legs of the planters - essential so that they didn't rot - were customised for each planter accordingly. I used pre-treated decking board, a brace across the bottom and wire mesh to support the porous bag that each planter had. The bag helps to retain the soil but allows the water to slowly ebb away without (I hoped) carrying away the compost. These sturdy planters turned out beautifully. There's something to be said about building to measurements to make the items fit to the space than trying to make the space fit the product."

Raised Beds and a Bench Seat

Using domestic railway sleepers and a chainsaw.

"I have always enjoyed gardening and creating garden structures. With this build I was helping out friends. They had ordered 12 railway sleepers and wanted to construct raised flower beds and a raised herb garden. I knew from personal experience that cutting a sleeper with anything other than a chainsaw was an arduous task. We spent a sunny Sunday cutting and building the raised beds securing them with brackets and straps. With 2 sleepers spare I suggested we make a bench for those late warm evenings when you just want to relax and enjoy your garden. The whole project had to be strong as the weight of the soil could easily topple the wall of the raised bed. Just as important were ensuring I created clean cuts of the sleepers as ends would show. After a day, shaping, cutting and securing we enjoyed that drink sitting on the bench."

More Images Shortly...

Come back soon for more inspiration.

"I've been engaged to build several raised beds next spring. I'll provide more information and pictures as and when completed."