Under Stair Storage

If you have an open space you can turn this dark narrow area to your families advantage.

Under Stair Storage

With mesh drawers.

"The awkward space under the stair generated by the incline of the risers and treads above could be valuable storage expanse. It tends to be a much maligned area housing the clutter from your home - vacuum cleaner, ironing board, sporting equipment, coats, umbrellas and shoes without mentioning the electricity meter and fuse box. To have a dedicated cupboard that's convenient for your day to day life machinations helps keep your home orderly. With this build the client had sourced wire drawers - ideal for shoes - and required dedicated space for golf clubs and an over sized ironing board. To make the project slightly more difficult there was also the under floor heating mechanism. Not only did I have to provide viewing access for the meters to be read, I also needed to protect them against being damaged by objects being put away."

Door Cover

Open space with doors.

"Sometimes a job comes along that seems too simple to be true. With this build the client asked me to 'screen off' the under stair space... and that's it!

'The doors need only to be basic, there's no need for shelves, hanging rails or hooks. Just keep it simple but please bear in mind we have our dryer under there'.

With my natural tendency to over complicate things, I wondered if plain doors would suffice? How do I construct a frame that allows the dryer to be removed? I started this without a plan and just used my instincts. My only concern being the heat from the dryer being trapped so a simple vent in the form of bore holes drilled through one of the doors sufficed. The end result was extremely satisfying and reminded me that sometimes less is more..!"

Compartmentalised Storage

Dividing space to give dedicated areas.

"Under stair areas are never uniformed. Some older houses have higher ceilings this impacts on the under stair shape and space. With this build I also had the added complexity of a stair 90 degree turn and half landing. Although the pictures don't show this I, in effect, created a 'mini loft space' above the longest cupboard. Just perfect for all those items you only ever occasionally need but don't wish to store in the loft."